Creating Important Layers In Your Business

When my brother, sister and I were young adults still living at home with our parents, my brother had this funny thing going on. 

As young adults we’d all found the pub, nightclub and party scene, and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’d all head out individually with our friends to go whoop it up.

There was a running joke in our house about my brother and his infamous drunken sandwich layers. 

Every weekend when he’d return from the pub in the early hours, he’d always have what he thought was a genius idea to make himself a sandwich before he went to bed.

Those sandwiches were like no other sandwiches in the history of man.

His booze-happy mind would ALWAYS make up the most freakishly disgusting sandwich layers.

He’d throw anything in those sandwiches that he thought were a great combination. Without the benefit of a sober mind, those sandwich layers all ended up WEIRD.

Cold baked beans, cheese and picallili (I kid you not). Corned beef, cold gravy and sweetcorn. I mean…..  🤮 

We’d laugh about the horrendous combination of layers that he put together, ate, and ENJOYED. 

The layers in your business are different.

You need layers, but you have to have strategy about how all those ‘layers’ fit together, so that the combinations work for you, rather than against you. 

Below are examples of non-existent layers, bad layers, and great layers.

See where your business currently fits in to these: 

1. You create a post for Instagram that showcases your latest crochet cushion, but you don’t have any CTA (call to action), in that post to encourage people to take a deeper dive with you (comment below, go to the link in my bio, check out my crochet pattern…). That means you’re MISSING layers in your ‘Instagram sandwich’ that will impact your business success. Every post you put out should have a CTA attached to it.

2. You set up a freebie (let’s say it’s a downloadable crochet pattern), you put it on your website, but you NEVER talk about it on social, or you don’t talk about it enough. That’s a layer missing that will impact your business success. You need to share and talk about your freebie continuously to keep it in front of your audience.

3. You set up a freebie (crochet cushion pattern), you talk about it on social, some people sign up for that pattern, but then you have no follow-up in place (via email sequences), to take those people on a deeper journey with you. Missing layers again. Automated email journeys for your subscribers are key to selling more in your business.

4. You show up and talk about your dog on Instagram, you put a CTA in that post to tell people to go to your Etsy store and check out your goods. These are totally wrong layers put together that have no connection with each other and can confuse your audience. 

5. You show up on Instagram, share a video showcasing what your crochet piece looks like. You tell people that they can go to the link in your bio to get the free pattern for that crochet piece. People sign up for that pattern, they get the pattern. You then have an automated email sequence in place to say: 

  • Email 1: Hope you like the pattern, have you started using it yet.
  • Email 2: How are you getting on with the pattern, are you stuck – reply to this email if you are.
  • Email 3: These are some of the common problems people encounter with this pattern.
  • Email 4: Need more help with your pattern? You can watch a follow-along video for £x by clicking here.
  • Email 5: I want to see your completed pieces, send me a pic.
  • Email 6: Are you ready for your next project – here’s a pattern and video tutorial for £x.

In Number 5 above is you’ve created great layers in your business. Those layers all work together. Those layers help establish you as an expert, and help you build better relationships with your tribe. 

For everything you put out in your business (your social posts, your blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, emails, products and services) there should always be LAYERS that continue to take people on an ever deeper journey with you. 

Many female business owners skip sorting this. And their businesses suffer as a result. 

Do you need to start creating better layers in your business?

Hit me up with a comment and let me know.

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