Wanting Success In Business Yesterday



As a young woman I had this stupid mindset.

I always wanted everything yesterday. I wasn’t prepared to wait. If I wanted a new car – I wanted it not tomorrow, not next week, but now. If I wanted a new washing machine. Same. Whatever I wanted – I was not prepared to wait for the result. It had to happen NOW.

I’d go to a store or car garage, look at the first car or washing machine, and say to my then partner ‘this is the one I want’. If he said ‘let’s shop around’. I’d be like:

I’d always end up with the first car, washing machine, stereo, computer, shoes I saw.

I see the same thing happening in this day and age, when it comes to business.

WAY too many business owners lacking the patience needed to win in their businesses. Everyone wants success yesterday.

As a result, this is what happens to business owners who lack the patience required to build a long term sustainable business:

  1. They buy in to awful training courses/”gurus” who promise get rich quick schemes. They waste money chasing down an impossible dream when that money could be better spent elsewhere.
  2. They cut corners trying to get to the top quickly. They end up with a business model that doesn’t work well, which has no longevity.
  3. They rip off other people’s products, services and content in an effort to make the journey to success easier for themselves.
  4. They make false claims about the things they sell in order to bring in quick sales.
  5. They give up and walk away far, far too early on, failing to have the patience to stick with things for the longer haul.

If you truly want your business to be a success, here’s how to build a model that will have legs for the longer term:

  • Be the most patient person – give your business chance to breathe and take on life.
  • Trust no-one before you’ve diligently checked out the products, services and gurus you’re about to buy into, especially those who claim you can have overnight success with what they sell.
  • Be prepared to live in your business for a long time to achieve big results.
  • Pay way more attention to learning than 95% of other business owners.
  • Be fearless in creating a great business model that underpromises and overdelivers to your audience.
  • Never cut corners, cheat anyone, steel from anyone or claim you are something you’re not to get to quick success.
  • Build a business model that works. One that has the right foundations in place to take your customers on a great journey with you.
  • Always ALWAYS focus your attention on building relationships with your audience first.

The need for instant gratification is endemic in our world. But business success can’t be built on the back of quick.

I’ve had to learn the value of slowing down my impulsive nature, and my impatience when it comes to building my own business.

I’m here for the longhaul. I’m being patient. I’m not buying into any of the make six figures overnight crazy. I’m not cutting corners, and I work hard to overdeliver to my audience.

The reality is business success will not happen yesterday. It will happen over the months and years ahead as you stay steady as a rock on your business journey.

Slow down. Learn patience. Don’t cut corners. Stick around to create the best business you can. That will serve you well.


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