Video Confidence In Your Small Business


I learnt the word ‘iteration’ from a business coach. I’d never really focused on this word before.

I realised how important that word is in business.

Iteration means repetition of a process to get successively closer to the solution or end goal. 

In this post, I want to talk about video iteration.

I know video is something many of you struggle with. And you therefore avoid it.

However, video is undeniably valuable as a tool to showcase what we do in our businesses. 

People love video.  

When I first started my business, the whole idea of recording a video and putting it out on show – with me in it – was scary beyond measure. 

Yet here I am a few years later, and video is now one of the most common types of content I create. Not only that I enjoy making video. I find video easier to create than other types of content (like the written word). 

I have only come to that place through many, many iterations

Here are some tips to help you start getting comfy creating face-to-camera video for your business: 

1. Start small. Set a goal to create videos that are under 1 minute in length. It’s less scary than jumping straight in to 20+ minute videos. 

2. Record your videos using the camera app on your phone. It’s MUCH easier to do this, than trying to record video inside apps like Instagram and Tik Tok where the time limit, and all the fancy stickers/text/music features can put you off. 

3. Write down what you want to say – break it down into short sentences. 

4. Stand in front of your camera, in natural light if you can, and hit that record button. 

5. Take a look at your written notes. Read the first sentence in your notes. Look at the camera. Smile. And then say that first sentence. 

6. KEEP THE VIDEO RECORDING – do not hit the stop button. 

7. Look down at your notes again, read the second sentence. Look at the camera. Smile. And then say the second sentence. 

8. Follow steps 6. and 7. above, until you have said everything you want to say in your video. Then hit the stop record. 

9. You may have a video that is 4 or 5 minutes in length or longer.  No problem! 

10. Download the free video editor CAPCUT onto your smartphone, and then upload your video in to that platform. 

11. Use the Capcut video editing features to make your video work. Learn how to split the video down into ‘scenes’ so you can remove the parts where you’re looking down at your notes. Learn how to add animation (transitions), to help your video stand out. Learn how to add auto-captions so that you have transcription on the video. This is all easily do-able inside Capcut. 

12. When you’ve done all the editing you want, download the finished video to your phone. It’s now there and available for you to share if you choose to do so. 

13. Go through the entire process above, always thinking ‘I don’t even have to send this live if I don’t want too’. Do not put yourself under any pressure to send the finished video live. 

14. Week by week record as many videos as you can following the format above. I promise that if you go through enough ‘iterations’ using this format, you’ll get to the stage where you’re much better, much more comfortable, and much happier with your videos.

At that point – if you’ve not already done so – you’ll start to share them. Iteration is key.

Iteration is the thing that will take you from novice video maker, from uncomfortable video maker, from anxious video maker – to someone who can rock out hundreds of videos a year. Iteration is the ONLY thing that did that for me.  

It’s the ONLY thing that will do the same for you. 


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