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As small business owners we can sometimes become overly-obsessed with metrics – in particular those on social media, and on our mailing lists. I get it, because we want followers and subscribers to GROW in these places, and it can impact us when the numbers go the other way.

I receive messages in my Dms and via email from female business owners who are really knocked sideways when they see they’ve lost 50 followers on Instagram, or they’ve had 3 unsubscribes from their mailing list.

But if we become too obsessed about unsubscribes/unfollows, it can negatively impact the way we feel and show up in our businesses day by day, and if our minds aren’t the right place in business, we can let stuff like this pinch at us, and pull us down.

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It’s important to remember that no matter who you are, how big you grow, what you do as a business, the unsubscribes/unfollows will always happen, and in fact the more you grow, the larger those numbers are likely to become.

People are fickle.They come and go.They may love you one minute, hate you the next. They may want the value you give today, only to move on to someone else tomorrow.

You can’t get hung up on this. It’ll destroy you.

Focusing on the unsubscribes/unfollows too deeply brings no value to you or your business.

Mostly it just makes you feel like sh*t. 

So I want to encourage you to do what I do:

  1. Pay no attention to unfollows/unsubscribes at all.
  2. Focus your mind on positive actions you can take to keep growing your mailing list and social accounts.
  3. Thank every person who leaves, because they were never going to be a good, long term customer or client for you.

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Remember this. There are plenty of people out there who need you. There are plenty of people out there who will love what you do. There are plenty of people who WILL hang around, buy in to you, stay for the longer term, purchase all your products and services. Keep your mind firmly focused on those people, commit to serving them at the highest level, give great value to them, get to know them personally to build strong relationships with them.

When you do this, the unsubscribes/unfollows will fade into the background and become unimportant to you, because you’ll be so invested in the people who do stick with you, and you’ll be reaping the positive rewards that come from them.

Every unsubscribe and unfollow is of value to you. Those are the people moving on, making space for better more interested in you people to come along. You don’t want a mailing list or a following on social that’s full of people who really aren’t that bothered about what you do. Let them go. Salute them on their way out.

Know that if you keep your head down and do the work needed, more valuable people will always find you, to take the place of the unsubscribes/unfollows, as long as you keep your mind positively focused on serving your people exceptionally well, and your mind away from overly-obsessing about the unfollows and unsubscribes.

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