Focus On The Money In Your Small Business


If you don’t think the main purpose of your business is to make money, think again.

I don’t care what business you run, who you are, or the audience you serve.

If what you’re doing sits under the umbrella of a business – your priority in that business is to make money.

I once had a conversation with a lady on Instagram who told me she wasn’t interested in making money in her business, that her only focus was leaving a legacy behind.

I’m not knocking the legacy – I think that’s a wonderful goal to aspire to.

But in order for her to be truly successful in leaving that legacy – her business needed to make money. 

Without revenue. Her business would fail. It may well have done so by now because she was determined to stay in her lane and focus purely on creating a legacy.

We hear a lot about Steve Jobs and the way he totally transformed Apple. He left behind a legacy because he transformed tech as we know it today. But Steve would not have been able to create such a legacy without turning a once struggling Apple into a money making machine.

Money is the lifeblood of your business.  

You’ll need to earn it to succeed.

You’ll need to invest it to grow.

You’ll need to get it to pay yourself and live a wonderful life.

As much as you may have other reasons for showing up and growing a business online – whether that be to live your passion, have a laptop lifestyle, work from home whilst raising kids…..

At the core of every single business is the requirement to drive sales, to bring in revenue, to make profit to continue to push the business on.

With everything you do in your business you should ask “is this driving me towards or away from the money?”

If you’re showing up every day doing the things you love without any clarity about whether those things will ultimately lead to money – you’re doing yourself and your business a dis-service.

You might love showing up and talking about relationships, or yoga, or making pottery, or make-up, or fashion.  You may be the most passionate person out there talking about these things. But if you don’t find ways to make money whilst you show up and talk about your passion, you’ll never have a revenue generating, successful business.

Remember, whenever you’re showing up anywhere – ask yourself: 
– Is this leading down a route to revenue?
– Is what I’m doing leading people to sales?
– Are the ways I’m showing up with products and services bringing in enough revenue that there’s profit left after costs?

It’s all too easy to keep showing up online, chucking more and more content out just to try and keep up – but without a clear idea around how that content can lead to money – you’ll be slowing down the progress of your business.

When you start to earn enough in your business to have profit left at the end of the day – that’s the point at which you get to change your life. Your family’s life. You acquire the ability to live your passion as a financially independent business owner rather than as a broke business bird. You get to re-invest in your business to help further it’s growth. You get to spend on luxuries if that’s your thing.

Your business head needs to stay in money making mode. Not in people-pleasing mode, or giving everything away for too little or free mode.

It’s not cold or ruthless to want to make money.  Money is the life force of the world we live in today.

Understand that at the core of your business is the need to drive sales that leads to revenue, that leads to profit.

Without a money making system in your business that drives sales and as a result revenue streams, any passion you want to live, legacy you want to leave behind is likely to be a very hard, very uncomfortable journey that will almost certainly end in failure.

From this point on.

With everything you do in your business keep in mind this question “Is this leading me towards the money, or is it taking me further away?”

You might be surprised how much time you invest in activities that lead you away from rather than towards the money.

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