You’ll Never Think Your Way To Success

There’s no doubt that a whole lot of thought has to go in to building a successful business.

We have to think about our vision (where we want to take our business), what we’d like to be earning, the products or services we want to sell, where we’re going to show up, how we’ll show up personally, the audience we want to serve, the prices we want to charge, how we’re going to get from start up to success, the day-to-day to dos, and on….

There’s so much thought you have to apply to business.

And thought is great. We need to do an awful lot of it as business owners.

But thought will always stay thought – unless you do something about it.

I spent almost twenty years of my past business life working as a personal trainer and health coach. I trained people in their homes, helping them to reach goals around fat loss, fitness, recovery of health, healing from trauma.

What was always really interesting about my work in that world was the amount of clients I took on board who in their first contact with me would say something along the lines of;

“I’ve been thinking about getting fit for years”.


“I’ve thought about getting a PT for ages”.


“I’ve been thinking about getting healthier for the past few years but haven’t found the time”.

There were many clients like that who’d thought for a long time about doing something, but had persistently put off actually taking action – often until they’d reached crisis point, and had little choice but to do something about their situation.

We often think a lot about the things we would like to do, but resist taking action. We think it’ll be too hard, or we fear taking the leap, or we simply give ourselves the excuse of ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow”.

That lack of action filters out across our lives – putting off eating better quality food, getting to bed earlier, treating people better, stopping spending on things we don’t really need, getting out of debt, getting a divorce, tidying the house, or building our businesses.

For anything you’ve thought about doing or achieving in your business.

The greatest thing you’ll need to do to bring those thoughts to life, is take action.

It’s funny how we can sometimes be happy to take action in one direction, but totally resist taking action in others.

I think we resist taking action for many reasons. We know action is going to be hard and demanding of us – which it is in business. We fear change. We fear the criticism and judgement of others. We fear the unforeseen and prefer our comfort zones – however uncomfortable those zones might be.

Your business is going to demand an awful lot from you.

Every single day.

No matter how much thought you give to your business, what you would love your dream business to become, without action, and a whole lot of action, you’ll never bring the dream of your perfect business to life.

At some point with this whole business dream you have you’ll need to commit to take massive action.

With all the lovely thoughts about what you want your business to do, to be, to have, now and in the future.

You’re going to have to take those thoughts.

And turn them in to big, big actions.

Thoughts are easy.

Action can be tough. But without action – your business will remain a wasted dream that you could have, should have, and absolutely do have the ability – to bring to life and make real.

Action will be the determining thing that will make your biz dream a reality.

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