Selling Better In Your Small Business

LET’S TALK ABOUT SELLING. And how you may suck at it. 

No offence intended. I’ve sucked at it too.

Here’s a nice little list of tips you can take away, think about and implement, to help you become more confident in selling. 

  • If you don’t believe in the product or service you sell, no-one else will.

  • You have to be bold and brave enough to show up and talk about your products and services with confidence and absolute faith that they are worth every single penny you’re charging.

  • When you feel you’ve shown up and spoken about your products and services so many times that it must be boring the pants of people, that is the time to double down and show up even more, to talk about them again, and again, and again.

  • People need multiple touches with your content that showcases your products/services before they will ever consider buying. Hence the need to show up and talk about what you do and what you sell many, many times over..

  • When you learn to sell your products and services by tapping in to people’s emotions (what they’re suffering, what they’re missing, what they’re looking for, and how you can fill those needs), you’ll start to sell more.

  • When all you do is show up and talk about your product (it’s red, it comes in 3 sizes, it’s made of gold, it’s light, it has 3 hours of content..), you’ll sell less. Refer to the bullet point above.

  • When you wrap selling up in story telling and entertainment, you’ll sell more. Entertainment does not necessarily mean being a comedian if that’s not you, it does mean sharing more than just what the product looks like and does.

  • Selling can be the hardest thing if you get your messages wrong, and it can be the easiest thing when you get your messages right. Be prepared to spend your entire business life learning how to craft your messages better.

  • Every single sale you make will start with a relationship. No-one will buy your products or services until they buy in to you first. Make your goal to build great relationships with your audience. When you do – you’ll start to sell.

  • Your mailing list is fundamentally important to selling. When you grow your list, nurture it (using all the bullet points above), and keep your focus on building relationships with people on your list, you’ll sell.

  • Selling is a craft and an art form that you need to spend your entire business life learning to get better at. Read books, watch what others do, pay for trainings from the experts. Never skip learning how to become an expert in the art of selling.

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