Pinterest can be an amazing platform to get organic traffic to your online business.

And Pinterest can far outperform the success you can achieve on social media.

That’s because social media platforms are ever-changing, and constantly reducing the reach and engagement of small business owners with accounts who are trying to grow organically.

More and more I speak with female small business owners who feel burnt out, and incredibly disappointed that the level of work they put into their social platforms fails to reap any significant rewards.

Enter Pinterest

As a platform, Pinterest still gives you huge opportunity for growth, and more importantly for organic traffic.

As a business owner, Pinterest can be a great way to increase the success, sales and revenue of your online brand.

More and more of the ladies in my community are setting up business accounts on Pinterest, and learning how to use Pinterest the right way to get results.

Unlike social media where most people go for entertainment, Pinterest is a visual search engine – people are in there looking for ANSWERS.

That’s of huge benefit to your business.

Before we dive in to how many boards you should have on Pinterest, here are a few other Pinterest tips that you might find useful if you’re just getting to know good Pinterest SEO strategy.

1. Some Great Pinterest Tips In An Easy To Follow List

Let’s take a quick look at some key Pinterest best practices that you’ll find useful.

  • Make sure you understand how Pinterest works. It’s more a search engine than a social platform. It relies heavily on keywords for Pinterest SEO.
  • You should make sure you have a Pinterest business account.
  • Your Pinterest profile, your Pinterest boards and your Pinterest pins should all be keyword optimised, for good Pinterest success.
  • You only need to pin 1-3 Pinterest friendly pins each day to start seeing results. This is the strategy many of the ladies in my community use, and their accounts are growing.
  • Every pin you put out on Pinterest should have a url attached to it, so that people can move from Pinterest to the deeper parts of your small business.
  • You can and should pin to your products and services – but they should not be the ONLY pins you put out.
  • The audience on Pinterest is predominantly female.
  • People are in Pinterest actively searching for SOLUTIONS. That means they’re in a much better buying mindset, than people on social media who are mainly looking for entertainment.
  • Pinterest is a long-haul game. What you pin today could be bringing traffic to your business 8 years down the line. This is the power of Pinterest.

There’s more to great Pinterest strategy (I teach up to date Pinterest strategy to the ladies inside my community), and it’s wise to make sure you understand the platform as deeply as you can – because doing so will get you results.

how many pinterest boards should you have for pinterest success? with image of a home office behind.

2. How Many Pinterest Boards Should You Have?

This is a great question! And one that has a few answers, dependent on how long you’ve been using Pinterest, and what success you’ve had on the platform. 

If You Have A Young Or New Pinterest Account

When you’re just starting out on Pinterest, I suggest you set up 1-3 initial boards.

Make sure those boards are keyword optimised for Pinterest (I talk about this in the bonus video below).

You need to research in Pinterest the best keywords for your Pinterest boards. 

Your goal is to have the best Pinterest boards, with each having keywords in the board description, so that the Pinterest algorithm can crawl your boards to start to learn what your boards are about.

Your board titles and board descriptions need to match the searches that your target audience is inside Pinterest looking for. 

​Once you have your first boards set up, you can start pinning both your pins and third party pins to the relevant board on your account.

It’s important to note that when you pin any pins in Pinterest – whether that’s your own pins that lead to your own content, products and services, or third party pins, those pins should always be keyword relevant to the Pinterest board you pin to.


You would not pin the pin below to a board named Canva Tips And Tricks. You would pin it to a board named Pinterest Tips And Tricks.

how to choose the best titles for your pinterest boards

When you first create a new board on Pinterest you SHOULD pin relevant third party pins to your board.

This helps Pinterest start to understand what the content on that board is about.

Pinning third party pins can also help if you don’t have many of your own pins to regularly pin to your Pinterest boards.

Your goal is to get your Pinterest pins to show up in Pinterest search results.

You also want to make sure your pins stand out enough, and relate enough to your target audience, that they want to click your pin, and then click the url attached to that pin, to move deeper in to your business.


If You Have Been On Pinterest For A While And Are Seeing Some Success

Great news if you’ve been on Pinterest a while, you have your boards set up, you’re pinning regularly, and you’re seeing some success with your metrics. 

It’s always worth reviewing your board titles, and your board descriptions, to make sure they are keyword relevant.

In particular I see lots of boards that have limited or zero board descriptions, and that’s a shame, because your board descriptions can help inform the Pinterest algorithm what that board is about.

You may also want to introduce new Pinterest boards.

Do this slowly.

It’s better to have less of your own boards that you can pin to regularly, than to have so many boards, it’s impossible to consistently pin to any.

​Remember, with any new boards you introduce, you should do your keyword research in Pinterest first to make sure you’re naming the board with appropriate keywords.

You must then make sure you pin relevant keyword appropriate pins to that board.

If You Have Been On Pinterest A While And Are Not Seeing Any Success

There can be lots of reasons why you mightn’t be seeing any success on Pinterest if you’ve been there for a while.

Here are some points to check:

  • Have you checked (by doing some research in the platform), that there’s an audience there looking for the kind of content you pin? For example, if you have a board named knitted hats for frogs – I’d say it’s a very slim chance there are people in the platform looking for that search term.
  • You need to make sure your niche, your Pinterest account, your Pinterest boards and your Pinterest pins are Pinterest-friendly, linked to what people are in the platform searching for.
  • Do your boards all have Pinterest friendly keywords in their titles and board descriptions?
  • Do your pins use Pinterest friendly keywords on the pin image, in the pin title and in the pin description?
  • Are you inside the platform pinning consistently? (1-3 fresh pins a day is good enough to get growth).
  • Are you creating pins and content that violates Pinterest policies?
  • Do you have lots of pins with broken links? (Pinterest does not like this, and may decrease your reach as a result).
  • Are you making sure your pin designs look professional and stand out?
  • Are you putting out pins to fresh content regularly? Pinterest favours fresh pins that go to fresh content.

There can be lots of reasons why Pinterest accounts don’t see success on the platform.

It’s not always easy to figure out why this is.

I have heard long-standing Pinterest account holders talk about their account, boards and pins ‘burning out‘ (that is, they’ve got to the point where they’ve maxed out those boards, and are no longer getting results).

I don’t know how true this is.

In my opinion, if people are inside the platform searching for the keywords that you use, and you’re following good Pinterest strategy, I cannot see any reason why an account burning out would be the case.

There are also ALWAYS peaks and troughs on Pinterest.

There will be times where you see growth on your account, there will be weeks and months where your account becomes static, or worse, sees a drop in metrics. This happens to EVERYONE no matter the size of their account.

It’s really important to not walk away from your account if your metrics drop.

Keep pinning.

Time and time again I’ve seen the ladies in my community go through dips with their metrics (sometimes BIG dips too), and they’ve stayed steady and consistent with their pinning strategy, and ultimately their metrics have climbed once more.

Pinterest can shadowban your account.

There can be lots of reasons this happens.

If you think it has happened to you, reach out to Pinterest support to ask for feedback. They will normally respond to let you know the status of your account.

how many Pinterest boards you should have to maximise pinterest success - with image of home office behind.

3. Other Pinterest Board Tips

I share some great Pinterest tips in the bonus video above, but here in brief are some quick takeaways for you:

  • Do your research in Pinterest for keywords that relate to your business and your target market.
  • Use relevant keywords for your board titles and board descriptions. You don’t want Pinterest boards that no one is searching for.
  • Make sure only keyword relevant pins are pinned to your Pinterest boards.
  • Keep any other third party pins you save that are unrelated to your business and audience on private boards.
  • You can add more new boards over time, but don’t overload yourself, especially if your account is a young one.
  • It’s better to have less boards you can pin to consistently, than to have so many boards you can’t maintain pinning to them all.
  • Your goal is to pin 1-3 fresh pins a day to get growth. If you can do more – even better.
  • Make sure you allow a space of 5-10 days for pinning pins that go to the same url.
  • Board covers really don’t matter, they’re not going to impact your account one way or the other.
  • Do not have pins that have broken links – Pinterest does not like this.
  • Make sure you have a business Pinterest account, not a personal Pinterest account.

4. Wrapping Up

​Pinterest has amazing power to drive organic traffic to your business.

You can pin to your products, your services, your lead magnets, your blog, podcast, youtube channel and more, as long as your pins are relevant to your boards, and your boards are relevant to keywords people are in the platform searching for.

​Remember – the audience searching Pinterest are looking for ideas, inspo, education, support, and more importantly things to buy.

If you can show up and serve your Pinterest audience the right pins that lead to great content, products and services, you can absolutely win on the platform over time.

Please do not get on to Pinterest and expect short term results.

Pinterest is a slow burn, long haul game.

The best way to achieve success on Pinterest is to have strategy to be consistent there for YEARS, not weeks or months.

When you commit to this, over time you will start to see the organic traffic from Pinterest grow.

Remember to keep a close eye on your Pinterest analytics to see which of your content is performing best on the platform.

Do more of that type of content.

Pin things your audience wants to see, not things you like to do.

To make the most of Pinterest, and to make the platform work best for you, you need to know and stay up to date with great Pinterest strategy.

There are some resources I have to help you with this, which are detailed below:

Pinterest Resources

More Resources

Other Pinterest related blog posts you might find useful:





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