4 Steps To Take When You Feel Like Running Away From Your Small Business

Every week thousands of people start businesses in the online space and every week thousands of people close their businesses in the online space.

And somewhere in the middle are the people that just keep hanging on.

Since starting my business just over three years ago, there have been many days where I’ve felt the frustration with growing a business that you may also feel. I’ve wondered is this ever going to really happen? What else will it take? What should I try next? How do I get this businesses moved one step further forwards?

There have been times where I’ve thought is this really worth the huge effort it’s asking of me?

Should I just walk away and opt for something easier instead?

But I’ve never let go. I think that’s because when I have those moments of questioning what the heck I’m doing, there are a few important steps I take that prevent me from throwing in the towel, and I thought it would be useful to share my four step rescue strategy with you.

It’s not difficult to follow. And for me – it has always worked.

4 Steps To Take When You Feel Like Running Away From Your Small Business
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  1. Take A Step Back

Sometimes that feeling of wanting to run away comes from burnout. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the time, effort and sheer pace you’ve put in to your business for so long. 

I felt this way last week.  So I put all my tech away, my planner, my to do list. I hopped over to NOW TV, downloaded a TV series I’ve been DYING to watch (Just Like That), and binge watched the entire series in one sitting. It was glorious! I cried (omg BIG….), I loved the fashion, the houses, the events, the stories…  And for 5 hours I completely emptied my head of business, but the series also got my inspiration and motivation back on track.

I needed that break.  I needed to hit the pause button for a short while to give my body chance to reset.  

This – more than anything – always works well for me. Choose any way. you need. A walk in nature (I also love doing this and have just got back from such a walk), a great book, a shopping splurge for something nice, hooking up with a bestie… Whatever you need – never feel afraid to step back and just take a damn break from the pressure of your business.

2. Brain Dump

When my head is full, and I’m feeling overwhelmed, questioning why I’m putting myself through the constant demands of growing a business with all that entails. I grab a sheet of paper and brain dump everything in my head on to it. The to do’s, the challenges, social content ideas, email ideas, new products/services I’m thinking about. Everything in my head goes on that sheet of paper.

When I’m ready, I return to that paper and start to create some order. The to do’s go on my list in order of priority and I add them to my daily planner in time blocked chunks. The ideas go to their own lists ready for use when the time is right. The new products/services get jotted down some place safe. The challenges go on a list that I start to work through to find solutions. Everything gets filed somewhere that makes it accessible and easier to deal with. None of it is allowed to remain only in my head.

Doing this helps bring order to the chaos, and calm to daily business life. It also helps me get more done in a productive, less stressful way.

3. I Think About Why I Started And Where I Want To Be

This can work wonders for lifting you out of a funk. Why did you start your business? Where do you want it to go? What would you really love to achieve with it? I started my business because I love helping female business owners grow their online presence – avoiding many of the mistakes I make early in my own journey. I get great satisfaction from that. And when I think about where I want to be – helping 1000s of female business owners around the world, building a life changing financially successful business that secures my future and my partner’s future. Thinking about these things is enough to get me right back on track, head down, pushing on to greater success.

4. I Have Support

I cannot emphasise too strongly that if you try to run your business on your own. You’ll fail. In all sincerity I mean that. As a solopreneur it is ESSENTIAL that you have support around you.

That that support shouldn’t just be your partner who you dump on when you’re feeling the pressure.  Or family who might not understand or get what you are doing. You need support in the form of a great coach, other business owners, mentors, memberships, community who are or have walked a similar path to you. 

I’m part of a paid membership that I pay a lot for, and hang on to for dear life. There I can get support and learning that is critical to help me grow. In the past when I’ve been broke I’ve sold my clothes, shoes and bags in order to find the money to stay with that membership. I’ve gone without hair appointments, nights out, new tech and more just to be able to stay part of the membership.  That’s how important it is to me, and when you find your community – you should make it that important to you.

I don’t try to build my business solitary and alone. It would be foolhardy and impossible to do so. Having the right support will keep you going through the tough times, will. help you level up and develop as a business owner, will give you great strength and motivation to just keep pushing on.  Don’t ignore this because it might cost you some money. Invest in yourself and your business if you want to grow to success.

I hope you can take away these four tips to help you stay grounded in your own business journey. I’m here to support you to success. If you’d like to take a deeper leap with me – easiest way to do that is inside my Inner Circle where 100s of female business owners are getting value from the tips and resources I share. You can hop on board (zero dollars down) here:

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