Identify. Renovate. Re-launch. Steps For Greater Success In Your Small Business

identify, renovate, relaunch for greater small business success

We are in the process of renovating our forever home. And the house has turned into a messy building site. It looks worse now than when we first purchased it.

Many things in your business are like our house renovation, where things need to get worse, before they get better.

Take launches for example.

The first time you ever launch a new product or service (or even a freebie), it might fail.

However, instead of thinking “this is never going to work”, and dumping the product or service never to be mentioned again, you go back to it.

You turn it into a building site. You start to renovate to make it better. You take stuff out, you add stuff in, you bling it up until you’ve got version two. And then you learn how to launch more effectively. And you put it back out into the world.

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The combination of renovating your product or service, and learning how to launch more effectively, means that second time round you get some interest, and some people buy. Progress. Whoop.

That’s still not enough. The results are not yet what you want. So you go back and renovate some more. You ask the people who purchased what was good, what was bad, what was missing, and then you take out, add in, bling up some more. You learn to launch even more effectively, and then you put it out there again and get even better results.

This cycle of launch, renovate, launch again never ends. And with every cycle you go through, the results improve.

Sadly, far too many female business owners launch once, then never bother again if the results aren’t there, or they fail to renovate and re-launch through cycles to help improve the results every single time.

Think about anything in your business that’s not working, and treat it like our house. Get stuck in, renovate, re-launch, and keep going through those cycles until the results start to come.

identify, renovate, relaunch - three steps for greater small business success

I’ve gone through this process with my app, my merchandise, my Instagram on numerous occasions, my website, website provider, training courses, coaching services, social accounts, newsletters, and more.

Right now, I’m in the middle of a full renovation for my entire business strategy – looking at the next twelve months, tweaking, changing, taking out, adding in, so that my business model looks and functions better over the coming year, than the year that is almost behind us.

Identify. Renovate. Re-launch = your steps to improving every part of your business (and every part of you if needed too).

I’ll finish with a question. Where do you need to do this in YOUR business?

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