What Do You Do With Other People’s Bad Opinions Of You?

Let’s talk about whether you feel other people’s opinions of you in business matter.

We live in a world where there are two ends of a scale in terms of people’s opinions.

There’s one end where we’re encouraged to show up and be kind, compassionate and supportive of human beings, both in life and in business.

And I wholeheartedly agree that is something that we can all be conscious of doing.

Then there’s the other end of the scale which will all know about in the world of social media, which is the dark world of trolling and bitching, and a feeling that you have freedom to have an opinion about anything or anyone, irrespective of whether that opinion is hurtful or damaging to others.

When you show up and start to work in your business in the online space, inevitably, there will come a time, where you’ll be judged, and you’ll start to hear the opinions of other people that are directed at you and what you do.

Some of those opinions will be amazing. Some of those opinions will be trash. You need to be prepared for both.

I’m fairly certain that when you receive opinions from people that are really positive opinions, people are giving you nice feedback, those are opinions you’ll take on board with a sense of joy and satisfaction, because they’re indications that you’re doing something well in your business.

But what do you do with people’s opinions that are ¬†judgmental, critical, bitchy? It’s important to have strategy to deal with this so that you protect your business, yourself and you mental health.

I’ve had very little in the way of nasty opinions so far, but there have been some I’ve had to face. I decided very early on in my business that I would never get into any sort of back and forth communication with anyone who came at me with their bad attitude. And so the moment those type of opinions surface, I don’t even give myself time to think, I just go straight to block and remove those people from my space.

I know business owners who get tangled up in the most extraordinary arguments with people in the online space. People who have differences of opinion to them, people who have dropped bitchy or trolling comments. And before you know it, a complete shit storm of bad energy is circulating around your space.

I choose not to go there. And I’m brutal about this.

Whether you are a follower, or a customer or client who has bought in to my products or services, the moment you bring your bad juju to my space, you are out.

Being brutal about this strategy means I have as far as possible protected myself in my business, but more importantly I’ve protected other ladies who are part of my inner circle, which allows them to feel safe in the spaces they come in to when they join my deeper tribe.

Sometimes the urge to respond, to defend yourself against the trolls, the bitches, the inappropriate or unfair opinions of others towards you can be great. And I get that. But I always come back to the same thought when I feel this urge surfacing.

I consider whether I want to spend precious minutes of my daily life engaging with people like that. Or take those minutes and use them for more productive, positive things in my business instead.

I really don’t want to get further down the journey of my life, to look back and realise how many cumulative hours, days, months were spent in argument or defence with people who simply do not deserve my time, my energy.

And so, even in those moments where I feel the urge to respond and enter into communication with people who have issues, a bad attitude, a negative vibe, I remind myself how much more value it will be to me, my business and the great ladies in my tribe if I spent my time dealing with more positive actions in my business instead.

Are you floored by the bad comments, trolls, nasty people showing up having negative opinions of you and your business, or do you – like me – block quickly and move on?


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