Women In Business Taking Risks

Can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day knowing you have an online business that’s super successful, you’re in charge of your work, your days, your life, your finances, your future?

  • Your business means you don’t have to work another job, ever.
  • You can be there for your children when they need you.
  • You’re completely debt free.
  • You have savings in the bank, and the luxuries you’d love, you can afford.
  • Every day you get to do something you’re passionate about, and love.

All of the above are reasons women in business do what they do.

  • They want to get out of the rat race.
  • They don’t want to have to answer to a shoddy, uncaring employer.
  • They don’t want to be treated as a number.
  • They want the ability to earn significantly more than they’d get from a monthly pay cheque.
  • They want to decide when, where and how to take time away.

Somewhere in those bullets above are probably the reason(s) you started your online business. But let’s proceed with a caution.

There will be a battle you are going to have to go through to get from where you are now – a place you may feel stuck, to a place where you have freedom from financial worry, freedom from working a job, freedom to live the life you love, freedom to be there for your loved ones whenever they need you.

Many female business owners underestimate the brevity, the harshness of what they will have to go through in business to get from point a to point b.

Building a business is not an easy journey.

But it can be done.








I see many women in business walk away from their dreams too early, or they stay far too small in their businesses, not taking the necessary risks required to grow.

Fear often drives decisions to walk away or stay small. Fear of not getting to success. Fear of taking risk. Fear of getting out of comfort zones. Fear or failing. Fear of trying. Fear of investing.

Building a business is scary because there are so many unknowns:

  • Will I ever make it?
  • Will anyone really want what I sell?
  • Will people like me?
  • How much will this cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do I have it within me to succeed?
  • Will I ever get from where I am to where I want to be?
  • How do I do this more quickly?
  • What if I fail?

Because building a business can feel so uncomfortable, we limit our risk, we stay in our comfort zone, we stay small.

I have many days where I feel the challenge of business.

I’ve learned that the uncomfortable, anxious, fearful feelings that come with the challenge of business are just feelings. I can let them control and bury me, or I can push on regardless.

I love the saying   “the only time you fail, is when the will to succeed has gone”.

Nothing you or I do in our businesses comes without risk.

The question is how much risk we’re willing to shoulder and cope with in order to grow.

I recognise that caution is sometimes is necessary.  The risks we take in biz have to be measured and well thought out, decisions made about whether any risks are worth pursuing or not. But there’s no guarantee with any risk, and often you’ll never know the outcome until you take a leap.

In your business you’ll have to manage all sorts of risks including:

  • financial
  • time you commit that you’ll never get back
  • less time spent with family for a while
  • or simply putting your face on camera
  • launching products and services without knowing how well they’ll really sell, or if anyone will actually want them.

When you study the most successful female business owners in the online space, you’ll see they’ve taken risk in order to grow. Risk and growth go hand in hand. Many women in business will not take risk because it is scary and uncomfortable. Five years down the line their business is stagnant or failing.

I was reading about Sara Blakely – the owner of the multi-million dollar brand Spanx – the pants that lift our bottoms.

Sara is a billionaire.  Nice going right?

Sara was selling fax machines for 7 years before she hit the big time with her business. She was cold calling customers from 8am to 5pm for 7 years. Would you do that whilst you built your business on the side?

She started Spanx as a 1 woman show, used her entire $5000 dollars in savings to invest in the business, spent two years planning the launch of spanx, and that included putting a before and after picture of her own bottom on a billboard to advertise her Spanx. She had no idea whether this would work. But she was willing to take the risk.

Sara dedicated herself to her brand, she did everything she needed to do to drive the business forwards, faced many fails and took all sorts of risks to realise her dream. It worked. Sara is now the owner of a very significant business, has a self worth in excess of 1 billion pounds. None of that happened without risk.

At some point, if you want your business to grow, to become really successful, you’ll have to get comfortable with risk.

The more comfortable you become with embracing risk, recognising that it’s an integral part of running and growing your business, the stronger you’ll become and and the more quickly your business will start to achieve life changing results.

Some risks small, less risky, less painful than others, other risks are huge and can have massive consequences when those risks fail. You’ll probably go both types of risk on your business journey to success.

Risk is there, it’s something you’ll have to choose to take in your stride and run with in order to grow. Or steer well clear of and stand still.

The bottom line is that without risk your business will be slow to grow, if it grows at all.

If you need to become a better risk taker, and learn how to grow your business more successfully in the online space with a unique coach who does things differently, take the next step with me through one of the services listed below.

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