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Allergic To Selling In Your Small Business?

The art of selling.

I don’t know why so many people feel icky about selling.

I know small business owners who feel their blood turn to ice at the very thought of opening their mouths and promoting their products and services.

As if we’re insulting people by doing so.

But girl.

If you don’t sell.

You don’t have a business.

If you’re not prepared to at least get more comfy with selling.

It’s probably best you don’t start a business in the first place.

But before you walk away and drown your non-selling sorrows in a mug of gin.

Know this.

You’re a better seller than you think you are.

Consider this.

Every day of your life you’re selling.

Whether you realise it or not.

When you’re trying to talk your partner in to going out to that new trendy restaurant. You’ll be selling the benefits to him/her.

When you’re trying to get the kids to eat something half healthy that doesn’t come in wrapped styrofoam. You’ll be selling the benefits (even if it’s only ‘eat this and you can have ice cream after).

When you want your mum to go get checked out at the doctor, and she’s resisting. You’ll be selling the benefits to her. 

Day after day in your life, somewhere, somehow, you’ll be selling.

The difference is.

That when it comes to selling something in exchange for money.

Suddenly we think it’s sleazy.


Most likely because we’ve been conditioned to see money as a dirty thing.

And yet.

Money is the reason you’re in business.

Because without it. Your business is a bust.

Please remember, people want the very thing you’re trying (and feeling awkward) about selling.

If you show up stuttering about your products and services, showing little belief in their value.

Your audience will feel that.

No matter how good your product or service actually is.

Your audience will feel your lack of confidence and belief. 

And they’ll think.  

If she doesn’t believe in it enough, why should I?

Selling is not a dirty part of your business.

Selling is the CORE of your business.

The sooner you get comfy with showing up and authentically shouting about the value of the goods and services you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

The better your business will be. The more customers you’ll attract. The more money you’ll pull in.

Early on in your business journey (ie: right from start up), my advice to you is to learn the art of selling.

Learn every damn thing you can about it, from any credible source you can.

The sooner you embrace the art of selling, the sooner you’ll have a business on your hands that’s worth getting up for every day.

Here are some great names to check out to help you improve your confidence and ability in selling without feeling sleazy:  

Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar.  

You need to be confident about and not allergic to selling.

That is, if you want a highly successful business in your hands.

Get over yourself. Get over your ick. Go and learn how to sell well.

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