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With the whole world seemingly in turmoil.

Life can seem overwhelming, frightening, and as if everyone is in a huge struggle, and money is scarce.

But right now.

You have a greater opportunity than ever before.

To grow a brilliant business.

And to create life changing success from it.

Why your greatest opportunity as a female entrepreneur is now, on a pink and purple background.

Here in the UK we’re in the middle of an economic shit storm. The price of EVERYTHING has risen. News and media are constantly reporting about the financial struggle going on.

This post is not trite. I know that there are people feeling the hit of price rises. And perhaps that’s you. Many people are having to watch money, make cut backs, until the price of everything settles down once more.


If all we do is absorb the bad news and start to believe the world is broke. We can quickly feel that because of the financial mess we’re in, that nobody is buying, and as a result, we will not be able to sell our products or services.

That’s far from the truth.

In fact over the past two months, including in the run up to Christmas when people’s attentions are on festivities, parties and presents, and onwards in to January when we often believe people are financially strapped because they’ve overspent for Christmas, I have had the best two months in business since I began Female Entrepreneur School. I’ve at least trebled sales to my business over that period, without having to work any harder than I normally do in order to achieve that income.

Many, many businesses are started and built in so called bad economies. 

But we can often think that a bad economy means no one has money.

That’s impossible. Because money flows. It’s not a static entity. It’s ALWAYS out there, moving around. It NEVER disappears.

That means there are ALWAYS people with money, enough money, to buy the things they want. There will always be people who can afford to splurge. Who don’t have to worry about spending. There will always be people who are financially safe.

And there are MILLIONS of people in that situation in this world, all the time.

The news and media don’t talk about those people, because they don’t make good fodder for news stories. News and media like to report about things that cause worry and anxiety, because they know that’s the sort of news that not only sells, but helps keep people in this world pigeon-holed.

So know this.

Wherever you are in your business journey, and whatever it is you do as a business. There’s an abundance of money out there waiting to be spent on the goods and services you offer.

Your goal is to get your business in front of the people who can buy.

And those people are plentiful.

However, if you use the excuse that there’s no money out there, the likelihood is that you’ll never find people who’ll spend liberally. You’ll convince yourself to stay small. You’ll convince yourself not to do the hard work needed to get your business in front of eyes. You’ll have a mindset of lack of that will bring exactly that to you.

Why your greatest opportunity as a female entrepreneur is now, on a pink background.

I want you to make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves to you right now. 

This world has never been more abundant. Filled with people who can spend money. And with an internet that allows you to get your business in front of millions of people the world over.

Of course it takes time to grow your business to create the financial success you desire. But that will never happen if you take it easy day after day. Your growth is not dependent on the economy. It is dependent on you investing your time, effort, determination in to your daily business life, and ignoring the insane and incorrect messages being spread about how all people are broke.

Do not underestimate the extraordinary abundance there is in this world, and the opportunity that exists for you, right now, to tap in to that abundance and create the business of your dreams.

The barrier that stands in the way of your business becoming hugely successful is not a broke economy, it’s YOU, and how you choose to think about, feel about and work with your business every single day.

Make the most of the opportunity that exists. Keep your mindset attached to abundance of wealth not a failing economy. Turn off the news, pay no attention to media that would like to convince you otherwise in order to keep you small. And go and build the business of your dreams.


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